Introducing StreamParrot

May 05, 2019


We are proud to announce that we have started accepting beta signups. It has been a long road with many bugs and features along the way.

What is StreamParrot?

We are so glad you asked. StreamParrot was started based on the idea of "branding" a streamer's chat overlay better. After that, we realized we could provide a clean user experience and set of customization tools that other chat's lacked.

Plans for the Future

Twitch is just the tip of the iceberg. Streamers on many platforms could benefit from a more cohesive chat overlay experience. We would like to give that to them. After we have established things a bit on Twitch, we plan on moving onto Youtube and Mixer.

Cool new Features?

The ideas never stop so we have plans and features that we want to implement for years to come. Look forward to exciting things like stat collection, animated badges, and more.